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Student live performance music school

Tha-Ka-Dhi-Mi! (Another way to say it...)

Taaqademy is a music school. We teach music – guitar, bass, drums, piano/keyboards, violin, ukulele and vocals across the widest variety of genres and styles – but what we’re truly after is inspiration. Lighting that spark behind the eyes. Injecting a sure shot of excitement. Delivering a creative experience that is addictive, uplifting - and just plain old great fun. From 2010 - 2020 we built  four award-winning physical studios in the city of Bangalore and catered to hundreds of serious music enthusiasts.

Taaqademy's ONLINE COURSES are now available around the world! Customized, structured and flexible, our online programs have something for every musical interest.

Taaqademy is run by musicians who play a variety of styles of music, in bands and as session musicians. Musicians who will work with you to develop your skills on the instrument(s) of your choice, so that you can play the music that’s inside you.

The Taaqademy Track Record

11 Years...
52,000+ Students Trained...
8,000+ School Students...
1,500+ Underprivileged Students Yearly...
300+ Live Events...
13 School Programs...
4 Award-Winning Studios...
...and Online Music Classes Now Reaching 20 Nations.

Taaqademy began with a small jam room, 4 instructors and a handful of students in 2010.


Taaqademy is now the largest ecosystem for music and musicians in the city of Bangalore. Our Online Music Programs are also taking the brand all over the country and the world.

The Proof of the Pudding...

Don't just take our word for it!

Over the last ten years, we've had the privilege of being part of some extraordinary musical journeys.

Showcased on our 'Pudding Sessions' series of videos, these performances are the most meaningful testimonials to the effectiveness of our methods.




"Deciding to get vocal lessons for my daughter at Taaqademy was one of the best decisions I made. Their dedication and commitment to help students is excellent. The are plenty of opportunities for stage performance, good technical music knowledge and mutual respect for changes and fellow performers. My daughter could complete grade 8 vocal Rock school exam in 2 years. Thank you Taaqademy!"

- Vasudha Kumar

"Fantastic place for nurturing young talents. Very good established music teachers."

- Bipin Kalathil

- Rino Roy

"Very professional setup with systematic teaching modules. My children simply loved the musical experience this summer."

"I attended acoustic guitar classes, My teacher had excellent knowledge about music and I was able to learn and play western style of music on the acoustic guitar. A very good academy for music enthusiasts."

- Bikranjit Sharma


Taaqademy is a regional centre for RSL/Trinity exams.

These internationally recognized music qualifications are the standard by which musical performance and ability are measured worldwide.

Starting from Debut all the way to Grade 8, they are not mandatory, but can be a useful part of your musical journey.


Also remember - Grade 6 and above qualify for UCAS points - great to build your profile for international college admissions.



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