Tha-Ka-Dhi-Mi! (Another way to say it...)

Taaqademy is a music school. We teach music – guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals across the widest variety of genres and styles – but what we’re truly after is inspiration. Lighting that spark behind the eyes. Injecting a sure shot of excitement. Delivering a creative experience that is addictive, uplifting - and just plain old great fun. Taaqademy's new ONLINE COURSES are now available around the world! Customized, structured and flexible, our online programs have something for every musical interest.


Taaqademy is run by musicians who play a variety of styles of music, in bands and as session musicians. Musicians who will work with you to develop your skills on the instrument(s) of your choice, so that you can play the music that’s inside you. More than anything, you don’t just learn to play an instrument by yourself, you learn to jam with other musicians and write your own music as well. The magic of communicating musically, creating and performing music together – that is special. That is Taaqademy.

Taaqademy is the regional centre for RockSchool exams. Grade 6 and above qualify for UCAS points!



Most of our classes at Taaqademy are one-on-one. This allows us to customize our extensive syllabus and curriculum to suit your needs as a beginner, intermediate or advanced musician.


Our five-pronged approach involves ear training, music theory, muscular training, sight-reading and ensemble playing, across all instruments and disciplines. With loads of performance experience under our collective belt, we bring a 'live' and 'fun' perspective to serious music education.


Periodic assessments allow you to track your progress and get a real picture of your strengths and weaknesses. Our association with RockSchool (a UK-based music examination board), Trinity College London, and ABSRM also gives you the opportunity to earn certifications that are valid worldwide.



You could call this our 'USP'. With so many of our faculty members being live performers, it's natural that we'd want our students to experience the timeless excitement of being on stage. It won't go out of style, ever!


All four of our spaces in Bangalore are specially designed to allow ensembles to jam together, working on covers and originals, working on all the technical nitty gritty as well as  showmanship. Our Ensemble courses also typically feature a visit to a full-fledged state-of-the-art recording studio for a quick session.



Launching soon, our group sessions will focus on teaching music theory and fundamentals, music appreciation, and more!



Occasionally, we organize special master classes or workshops with some of the top musicians in the country - or international stars who happen to be passing through. Best place to get updates - Facebook!


Summer camps - well, the title says it all, eh? Get in touch for details!

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Of course you want more information on our courses, course duration, fees, and many other things!

Just call on +91 7676099000 for all the answers. With all of our courses now ONLINE, you can sign up or request for more info here>>


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