Online 1-on-1 Classes

Our top-selling model! Structured, fun, immersive and customized sessions with our top-rated faculty.

Typically ONE class per week. Get FREE 'Drill Classes' too! Great for focused Instrument or Vocal Training

(Mobile Only)

+91 7676099000


Music for Early Years

Song learning, music basics,  games & activity, tons of engagement & fun for ages 6 & below!

Shorter Sessions.

TWO to FOUR days per week.

4 to 6 children per Batch

(Mobile Only)

+91 7676099000


Online Short Courses

Short courses run for 12 Sessions and focus exclusively on song learning and fun!

Take as many as SIX classes per week if you like! Super price, no prior experience required.

(Mobile Only)

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Online Duo Classes

Not sure if the 1-on-1 commitment is for you? We'll curate a DUO class with another student at the same level.

Super price, no prior experience required. Can be great fun to do with friends, siblings, etc.

(Mobile Only)

+91 7676099000


What's the Class Format?

Our Online Classes are offered through the above course structures. Pick one and go!

Can I get a Trial Class?

Yes! Get a FREE Trial Class to see if this works for you.

​Do I need some fancy gadgets to do this?

A laptop or smartphone + headphones is all you need.

​What if I don't have an instrument?

We have good contacts with retailers, we can help deliver instruments to your door!

​I just want to learn songs. Is that possible?

Sure! Try one of our 12-session 'Short Courses'.

Fill the form to know more.

What if ​I want to learn some serious music theory?

Our Specialized Courses and regular classes can help with in-depth study of music theory.

Who are the faculty? Are they qualified?

Our faculty are top-rated practicing and gigging musicians. Many have Grade 8 Level Qualifications from Trinity, ABRSM, RSL etc. Others are self-taught heroes.

Can I get a Trinity or RockSchool  Grade?

We're Accredited Exam Centers in India and we provide specialized training for examinations.

Jazz? Metal? Grunge? Emo?

We've got the right geeks to help ;-)

Alright, how expensive is this?

We're super-reasonable + we've got

loads of special offers! 

Who are your founders?

TAAQADEMY was set up by 'Thermal And A Quarter' (TAAQ), an award-winning Indian band with a current Single on the #EuroIndieTop100 and the #WorldIndieMusicTop100 Charts!


Weekly Holiday - Monday


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+91 7676099000

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