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We may be belaboring the point here ;-), but we're not your typical 'EdTech Startup'. We started out (and continue to be) active, gigging musicians with a genuine passion for music and music education.

We're always on the lookout for good people. Folks that get what we're about, and want to be part of our journey. We provide a friendly, creative, equal-opportunity and open work environment with the understanding and flexibility that is so important for musicians.

Write in to us at Let's hear your story!


Our teachers are musicians who gig regularly, jam on a regular basis and are familiar with the insides of a recording studio. Whether you’re into metal, jazz, blues, modern rock, electronica, pop, ghazals, hip-hop, rap, beatboxing, or just about any other musical genre, as a Taaqademy music educator, we expect you will strive to understand what music means to your students, and be ready to share their enthusiasm for it.

As a working musician, we also expect that you don't just teach  from a theoretical perspective (although music theory is an important part of our courses). You should ideally be sharing concepts and live-performance skills that will hold your students in good stead on their own musical journeys.  

Careers - Music Ed

There was once a time when everybody working at Taaqademy was a musician - including our accountant!  Don't worry - if you're applying for a position in our HR or Admin departments, we won't ask you to crack the Circle of 5ths in your interview, but we do insist that music needs to be an important part of your life. You will be working with professional, aspiring and wannabe musicians throughout your time here, so it's only fair that you recognize their particular perspectives and adapt accordingly :-).

Specifically for management - we usually find ourselves promoting our teaching staff into managerial positions (did anyone say 'growth'?), so it's kinda essential that you have, at some point, been a musician to be a manager at Taaqademy.

Careers - HR & Admin

We believe, as musicians and music educators, that we bring tremendous value to society. And, as with most such 'artistic endeavours', extracting this value (in terms of artists getting paid!) can be a significant challenge.

Our BD/Sales people needn't be musicians (though it can help a bit) - what they need is to believe in that value, and have the smarts, ability, and experience to bring those bucks home. All towards the cause of creating long-term, sustainable careers for musicians that can be on par with more 'mainstream' careers.

Careers - BD & Sales

Sound interesting?

If you're a musician looking for a meaningful, sustainable career - or simply an individual passionate about the arts and music, and looking to develop a career associated with that, write in to us at


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