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Bring Taaqademy to Your School!

The Taaqademy In-School Music Program is a systematic, organized, focused (and of course, fun!) music education initiative that seeks to bring music firmly into the pre-primary, primary, middle and high school curriculum. Across the last eight years, we have developed a System (more than just a syllabus or curriculum) that can be used from KG to Grade 12, with proprietary learning materials and methods. Singing, instrument learning and performance are included as basics.

Because our belief is that there is a lot more to music education than just instrument learning and performance - in other words 'showbiz'. Music education at this level is about developing a well-informed and holistic sensibility towards music itself.

Our Proprietary Workbooks

Music education in schools should be so much more than just learning to sing, or play an instrument. That's the bare minimum - and it's actually fairly easy to do.

We view it as an essential part of teaching an aesthetic; a holistic understanding of the subject that allows every learner to discover, appreciate, explore, reflect and be able to make up their own minds (independent of marketing/peer pressure) on what music means to them - whether it is simply putting together a playlist on Spotify or composing the next avant-garde symphony.

Our proprietary workbooks strive to bring in this balanced approach. From Grades 1 to 5, each book is filled with diverse activities - from theory and appreciation to rhythm exercises and song learning. The Music Guidebook (for Grade 6 - 12) is a veritable tour de force if we say so ourselves, incorporating everything from detailed studies of music theory to the physics of sound, amplification and music production.

taaqademy books for music classes in schools


music classes for underprivileged kids

The NO WALL TOO HIGH Initiative

In 2016, Taaqademy founders Thermal And A Quarter celebrated 20 years in music in a rather unique way. The 'No Wall Too High' initiative, launched in October of that year, aimed to raise 1 million Rupees to bring quality, structured music education to 1500 underprivileged children in Bangalore. Through crowdfunding platform and through the generous contributions of friends, supporters and well-wishers, this target was met and surpassed well before the deadline!

In 2017, the No Wall Too High Initiative launched full-spectrum music programs (similar to those running in premier schools like Inventure Academy, Legacy School, etc.) in two schools for underprivileged children - the Annaswamy Mudaliar School in Cox Town and Nirmala Vidyalaya on Hosa Road. Conducted completely free of cost to the schools, these Programs have allowed these children to experience, enjoy and learn about music in its various forms - and also put them on stage at Taaqademy Festivals of Music!

Even though the funds raised were just for the first year of operations, Taaqademy will continue to run these programs through 2020 and beyond. It's been an incredible experience working with these children and there's so much more to do!

Some of the city's top musicians have also volunteered to visit these schools to conduct music classes or workshops when they are able. If you'd like to know more, volunteer, or contribute to this initiative, do drop us a note -


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