Our teachers are musicians who gig regularly, jam on a regular basis and are familiar with the insides of a recording studio. Whether you’re into metal, jazz, blues, modern rock, electronica, pop, ghazals, or just about any other musical genre, you’ll find that your teachers understand what your music means to you and are ready to share your enthusiasm for it. As working musicians, they aren’t just teaching you from a theoretical perspective (although music theory is an important part of our courses), they’re sharing concepts and live-performance skills that will hold you in good stead in your own musical journey.  

music teacher playing piano
music teacher playing drums
music teaching singing
Want to Work at TAAQADEMY?

Taaqademy is always looking for serious musicians looking to develop a long-term, meaningful and sustainable career in music. If you're a committed musician looking for a place of employment that:

  • really appreciates your talent

  • gives you students that are serious about learning music

  • provides opportunities for you to network with other top musicians in the city

  • promotes your original music / albums / gigs to a wider community

  • AND pays you an industry-leading salary, then...

You need to apply to work at Taaqademy today! Send in your resume with some links to audio / video recordings etc. to We'll be in touch real soon!