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The Taaqademy Tamb-ola: Our Corporate Workshops With Ola

Music has an infinite capacity to spread, travel and bring meaning to everyone who hears or participates in it. At Taaqademy, we try to replicate that instinct by being as inclusive as we can with the way that we teach music. That’s where our Taaqademy Corporate Music Programs come into the picture.

The Benefits of Music In A Corporate Space

Our corporate workshops consist of partnerships with another company to provide their employees with lessons, performance opportunities, and general ways to have fun and unwind with music. We’ve found that they act as fun, creative, interactive and inspiring alternatives to more traditional Employee Wellness Programs. Simply put, music makes people happier at work.

One of the main benefits of music, and one of our main goals with corporate workshops, is to help set up a safe space where some of the stress and pressures of everyday life can be relieved and worked out creatively. There’s research to show that music can lower a person’s cortisol and anxiety levels and enhance productivity. Furthermore, through the cognitive stimulation that it provides, it can help reduce age-related auditory decline and the likelihood of cognitive impairments later in life.

Our holistic approach to music learning covers not only music theory and other technical aspects of music, but also acts as a driving force in promoting camaraderie and building a sense of community and team spirit among employees.

All That Jazz

Speaking of which, over the course of the program, the members of the Ola workshop formed their own band! It even has a catchy name to go along—All That Jazz. We’ve been incredibly pleased with how well they’ve adapted to playing with each other and have witnessed first-hand what music can do to improve bonding and connections. Our main team at Ola, consisting of our expert faculty members Swathi, Kelvin and Govind, have been instrumental in setting up all the facilities and sessions that went into the weekly sessions, and more recently, their first ever live performance!

The culmination of our partnership with Ola unfolded in October, when All That Jazz put up their maiden live performance with several other artists and bands from Taaqademy at The Raft in Koramangala. This was a special moment for several reasons: not only was it their debut on the stage, but they were taught how to prepare and set up for a gig at all stages including the soundcheck. They were a valuable part of the larger community of musicians at the venue, who all had a night to remember.

We saw firsthand how much work went into this performance, and consequently, how well they did on stage. Professionalism, dedication, teamwork and commitment are traits that every musician needs and shares in common with corporates, and All That Jazz epitomised each of these attributes perfectly in their performance!

Our workshops and programme with Ola have only reinforced our belief that music is and should be for everyone. It has countless benefits that can be applied to all spheres of life, and we couldn’t be happier to be playing a part in this group’s achievements and stories.

If you or someone you know is interested in making space for music in a corporate setting, get in touch with us! We would be more than happy to work with you and bring our years of experience and results along as well :)

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