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Taaqademy Logo Online Music Classes

1:1 CLASSES (Age 5 to Adult)

4x60min Offline + 3x15min Online | ₹4000 per month

Trinity / RSL Certifications | Live Recitals

SONG LEARNING (Age 5 to Adult)

12x60min.offline group class (max 10 per batch) | ₹6000

Casual, fun course to learn your favourite songs | Live Recitals


16x60min.offline group class (max 10 per batch) | ₹4000

Song learning, musical storytelling, fun activities for kids | Live Recitals

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When will the classes be conducted?

We're initially thinking about doing 3pm - 7pm on Tues/Thurs and 2pm - 7pm on Sat/Sun.

Once we have registrations, we can work things out in more detail. The Summer Camp is currently planned as a daily activity (16 sessions) - but that could also change based on your preferences.

Will I need an instrument?

We'll provide a few instruments to get you started - but you will eventually need to have an instrument of your own to practice!

Any 'Early Bird' discounts :-)?

We thought you'd never ask! Sure - sign up for 3 months and get 25% OFF!

Are the classes only for kids?

NOT at all! The Summer Camp is ideal for 5 - 12-yr-olds, but the other courses are open to music enthusiasts of ALL ages. We currently have students between the ages of 5 and 79.

What are 'Trinity / RSL Certifications'?

Trinity and RSL Awards are two of the best-known music qualifications worldwide. Taaqademy is an accredited trainer for these certifications, so if you'd like to acquire an internationally valid certificate of musical prowess, look no further! Talk to us for detailed info.

Is this only for 'Western' or 'English' songs?

Nope. Taaqademy is fully open to ALL styles / genres / languages of music. Heck, it's music, so it's not supposed to be restricted by any of that stuff. From film and folk songs to jazz and metal, we're happy to dive into ALL of it.



We've believed that music is best taught 1:1 from the start (2010). Our accountants  are convinced this makes little business sense, but hey we're still here 12 years in, and still committed to this ideal. It's how we're able to tailor-make our courses for you.


From founders to management, we're an organization that plays, lives, breathes and works with music. There's love, passion, discipline (and a cheery bit of madness) in everything we do.

Our comprehensive syllabus, skill maps and lesson delivery have produced a large number of pro musicians. Unique automated systems and processes track every class to maintain quality. Level Checks, Quarterly Reports - these frequent assessments ensure students make real progress.

online music classes music certifications


Taaqademy is an accredited trainer for RSL Awards (UK) (formerly known as 'RockSchool') and Trinity College London, two of the most popular, Internationally Recognized Music Qualifications in the world.

These Certifications, or 'Grade Exams' as they are often called, can be useful milestones on your musical journey.

They are by no means mandatory - and we have always emphasized the right balance between the rigor of examinations and the fun, discovery-based learning that is at the core of our approach.

music certifications rockschool guitar piano vocal ukulele drums

Qualifications Available

Acoustic/Electric Guitar | Bass | Piano & Keys | Vocals | Drums | Ukulele | Music Production | Music Theory,

Debut - Grade 8

2 Examination Seasons Annually - May-June & Nov-Dec

music certifications trinity guitar piano vocal drums

Qualifications Available - Classical

Acoustic/Plectrum/Classical Guitar | Piano | Vocals | Drums | Music Theory

Qualifications Available - Rock & Pop

Guitar | Keyboards | Vocals | Drums | Bass

Debut - Grade 8

Examination Seasons - Please get in touch with us -

Music is at the heart of everything we do. Including our name! The 'TAAQ' in TAAQADEMY comes from 'Thermal And A Quarter', one of India's foremost Independent English Rock Bands. With a 25-year career under its collective belt, TAAQ continues to break new ground while staying relevant.


The band's 2020 album 'A World Gone Mad' was awarded the #1 Spot on Rolling Stone Magazine's 'Best Albums of 2020' list, and has been featured on 'Best of the Year' lists from A Humming Heart, Indiegaga, (IND), Sounds from the Superhighway (USA), The Eppy Gibbon Show (UK) and more! Bruce & Rajeev from TAAQ are personally involved in TAAQADEMY to a large extent.

Taaqademy Founder Rajeev Rajagopal

"Taaqademy is of, by and for musicians. As active performing musicians ourselves, we understand what it takes to get there - and how to do it right."

- Rajeev Rajagopal, Founder, Taaqademy

Drums, Thermal And A Quarter

Taaqademy Founder Bruce Lee Mani

"Our whole approach, our philosophy, if you like, is about getting past information to inspiration. Information is free. Inspiration is where the magic is."

- Bruce Lee Mani, Founder, Taaqademy

Guitars/Vocals, Thermal And A Quarter


Like our founders, Taaqademy Faculty are largely active performing musicians. Some have degrees and qualifications from prestigious, internationally recognized music institutions. Others are self-taught stalwarts.

This pragmatic understanding of music enables us to customize and structure courses, emphasize live performance and deliver a learning experience that inspires and motivates every student.



Admin Office (Tue - Sun | 10am - 7pm)

A/7, KHB Colony, 5th Block Koramangala

Bangalore - 560095, Karnataka, India

Offline Class Center - Koramangala (Sundays Only)

SJR Koramangala, #36, 1st Floor, Sony Signal, 100 ft. Road, Venkappa Garden, Koramangala,

Bangalore - 560095, Karnataka, India

Offline Class Center - Whitefield (Sundays Only)

Brigade IRV Centre, Unit 301, 3rd Floor, Nallurahalli, Whitefield, Bangalore - 560066, Karnataka, India

Regd. Office

323, 7th B Main, 4th Block Koramangala

Bangalore - 560034, Karnataka, India

+91 7676099000
+91 8046809355
+91 1141219774

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