Online 1-on-1 Classes

Our top-selling model! Structured, fun, immersive and customized sessions with our top-rated faculty.

Typically ONE class per week. Get FREE 'Drill Classes' too! Great for focused Instrument or Vocal Training

(Mobile Only)

+91 7676099000

Online Short Courses

If you're interested in learning songs in fun music sessions for a short period (12 sessions) this is for you!

Take as many as SIX classes per week if you like! Super price, no prior experience required.

(Mobile Only)

+91 7676099000

Online Duo Classes

Not sure if the 1-on-1 commitment is for you? We'll curate a DUO class with another student at the same level.

Super price, no prior experience required. Can be great fun to do with friends, siblings, etc.

(Mobile Only)

+91 7676099000

Online Summer Camps

Keeping young 'uns engaged in productive, fun music learning and activity. Can be customized for instrument / vocal training too!


Hour-long sessions. Runs FOUR days per week for ONE month. Super price, introductory offers!

(Mobile Only)

+91 7676099000


What's the Class Format?

Our Online Classes are offered through the above course structures. Pick one and go!

Can I get a Trial Class?

Yes! Get a FREE Trial Class to see if this works for you.

​Do I need some fancy gadgets to do this?

A laptop or smartphone + headphones is all you need.

​What if I don't have an instrument?

We have good contacts with retailers, we can help deliver instruments to your door!

​I just want to learn songs. Is that possible?

Sure! Try one of our 12-session 'Short Courses'.

Fill the form to know more.

What if ​I want to learn some serious music theory?

Our Specialized Courses and regular classes can help with in-depth study of music theory.

Who are the faculty? Are they qualified?

Our faculty are top-rated practicing and gigging musicians. Many have Grade 8 Level Qualifications from Trinity, ABRSM, RSL etc. Others are self-taught heroes.

Can I get a Trinity or RockSchool  Grade?

We're Accredited Exam Centers in India and we provide specialized training for examinations.

Jazz? Metal? Grunge? Emo?

We've got the right geeks to help ;-)

Alright, how expensive is this?

We're super-reasonable + we've got

loads of special offers! 

Who are your founders?

TAAQADEMY was set up by 'Thermal And A Quarter' (TAAQ), an award-winning Indian band with a current #Top10 Single on the #EuroIndieTop100 and the #WorldIndieMusicTop100 Charts!

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