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Buying Guide - Musical Instruments

The Taaqademy Instrument Purchase Handbook...

Decided to learn how to play a musical instrument?

Yes, you're going to have to buy one. Yes, there are a lot of choices - especially in these days of e-retailing. Some purchase decisions are easy, and some can be convoluted. Here's an article that goes into some detail - about even which instrument to choose before you start your online music classes.

A quick rule of thumb:


  • Electronics (Keyboards, FX processors, etc) and even Drum Kits can often be purchased without having to play them first - especially so for entry-level models.

  • Buying Guitars, Pianos (even Digital Ones), Violins, Basses, etc., without playing them first means you take more of a chance. these instruments have to feel right in your hands, their contours and dimensions have to be comfortable, and their individual resonant qualities have to appeal to you.

That said, most e-retailers nowadays have excellent return/exchange policies, so if pressed, you could explore online purchase options for the latter as well.

Compiled below is a list of instruments that have proven to be consistent favourites at the entry level. They are well-put together, and if maintained correctly, can serve as your music partners for several years.

instrument purchase choices for online guitar classes violin classes drums classes
guitars on a wall for guitar classes


Yamaha FS80C >>

An alternative to the venerable F310, this model also promises good, consistent value.

guitar purchase options for guitar classes

Kadence Slowhand >>

High-visibility new brand. This model is on the pricier side for this level, but worth checking out.

guitar purchase options for online guitar classes
guitar purchase options for online guitar classes

<< Yamaha Pacifica

Strat-style entry level electric that has plenty of bang for the buck.

guitar purchase options for online guitar classes

 << Squier Bullet Strat

Entry-level Fender with decent specs for the price.

Online Music Classes - buy keyboards


Yamaha E463

Cheaper options available, but this one is probably worth the few extra bucks.

keyboard purchase options for online keyboard classes

Casio CTX700

Decent entry-level keyboard with touch-response.

keyboard purchase options for online piano classes
Online Music Classes - buy Drums


Alesis Nitro EKit

The mesh heads make this a good starter E-kit for all ye apartment dwellers etc.

e-kit purchase options for online drums classes

Mapex Tornado

For noisemakers that have a space at home to make, well, noise!

drum kit purchase options for online drums classes
electric and acoustic guitars for guitar classes

A Word of Warning:

Music Education Can Give You G.A.S...

G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is a common affliction among the musically inclined.

It's a clear progression - you typically start your musical journey with a minimum investment, acquiring an instrument that can 'do the job', help you through the initial stages with music lessons, and often continue to deliver the goods - till the bug really BITES.

Now you're having fun, you're discovering a whole bunch of new things, and you start wanting some new gear. Maybe it's just some new strings at first, but soon it's a new amp, or a new keyboard, some fancy cables. Pretty soon, things have moved to one more guitar, another cool effects pedal, a second keyboard (it comes in Ferrari red!) and so on, and so fifth. 

This is G.A.S. It's usually incurable, but can frequently go into remission, depending on the status of your other EMIs, and how quickly family financial overseers catch on...

We aren't going to help you alleviate the symptoms, uh-huh. What we can do, however, is use some of our hand-won experience to provide some good choices - some sensible options to help you along in your quest for the perfect musical tools... Do write to us at with your G.A.S-related queries, and don't be surprised if you receive overly enthusiastic responses...

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